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#157: signs that you're successfully adulting

Turning 32 less than two weeks ago and coming across this article on successful adulting, has inspired me to come out with my own list.

As I draft this blog post, I'm not sure if I will have a substantial post... but we'll see...

Let's start...

*30 minutes later*

You have a full time job / business that's financially stableYou pay tax (at least you know your company does it for you, thus the monthly deduction)You're constantly finding ways to pay back and minimise your student loansYou have an Excel sheet to keep track of your loans, bills, and credit card debtYou "splurge" on household good as compared to a nice meal after getting your salaryYou take the initiative to do house chores without having anyone to tell you to (like your parents)You have a best friend that you've known each other over 20 years or soYour parents' wellbeing are of utmost important *Asian kids*You recharge yourself with some good Me time. You plan out your day/week/month v…

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